A small introduction


I'm Dirk Homuth, a Berlin- based musician who has studied jazz guitar in the nineties and who had the chance to meet and work with many fine and passionate artits from all over the world in the genres of singer/ songwriter, pop and jazz since then. I'm also working as a bandleader, songwriter and singer with my folk- pop project Almost Charlie. We have made four albums so far which have been released on the US-american label Words On Music.



1998 Dirk Homuth Quartett "Der Reiz des Unbekannten" (guitar+ composition)
2004 Denis Stilke Quartett "in Pieces" (guitar)
2006 Almost Charlie "Loving counterclockwise" (guitar/voc+songwriting)
2006 Marianne Rosenberg "Kokolores" (guitar)
2007 Ofrin "I'm your girl"- single (guitar)
2007 Oren Lavie "The opposite side of the sea" (guitar)
2008 Marianne Rosenberg "I'm a woman" (guitar)
2008 Corinne Douarre "Ciel XXL" (guitar)
2008 Ofrin "Sour Lemon"- single (guitar)
2008 Ofrin "On shore remain" (guitar)
2009 Ilja Schierbaum "Terror" (guitar)
2009 Almost Charlie "The plural of yes" (guitar/voc+songwriting)
2010 Jenny Weisgerber "Ambitious Love EP" guitar)
2012 Almost Charlie "Tomorrow's yesterday" (guitar/voc+songwriting)
2013 Corinne Douarre "Silence" (guitar, production+mixing)
2014 Stephen Brandon "Floating on a limb" (mixing+co-production)
2015 Oya "In bloom" (guitar)
2015 Delphine Maillard "Love Song(s)"
2016 Jenny Weisgerber "Ashes to stardust" (guitar)
2017 Almost Charlie "A different kind of here" (guitar/voc, songwriting+mixing)
2018 Thom and the wolves "The gold in everything" (guitar, production+mixing)
2019 Almost Charlie "Loving counterclockwise (reissue)" (mixing)
2020 Jana Berwig "Wellblechreiten" (guitar, production+mixing)
2021 Jana Berwig "Knallwach" (guitar, production+mixing)
2022 Almost Charlie "A whisper in a world too loud" (guitar/voc, songwriting, production)


here are some examples of my work

Almost Charlie (songwriting, production & mixing)

Thom and the wolves (recording, production & mixing)

Stephen Brandon (co-production & mixing)


Studio & Equipment

recording, mixing arranging

While working on my own music over the last two decades as a side effect I learned a lot of skills concerning music production, arranging, recording and mixing. If you're a musician who needs help in this field, please feel free to contact me. My studio is located in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. It's a small studio, ideal for recording guitar and vocals, with nice room acoustics, some fine selected gear and a collection of guitars and other instruments.


DAW: Cubase
interface: Motu 2408 mk3
pre-amps: Pacifica, Great River
mics: Brauner Valvet, Audiotechnica AT 40/47, Neumann KM 184, Shure SM57
outboard: Elysia EQ, Elysia compressor, Joe Meek compressor, Big Sky reverb
monitors: Yamaha HS80M
headphones: AKG K712 & K171


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